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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What Is Arts Pyrotechnics Co., Ltd?
A: China Liuyang Arts Pyrotechnics Co., Ltd is a large-scale enterprise with scientific reach, manufacture and trade in a whole. It's manufacturer, exporter and professional fireworks displayer.

Q: How many cartons of fireworks can be shipped in a 20-foot container?
A: It's decided by the measurement of the carton of your ordered fireworks. Some cartons are a little smaller, like firecrackers. For a middle-sized carton, you can ship about 600 cartons of fireworks. But you have to consider the weight limit of the container. For example, a 40-foot container may be loaded for 1800 cartons of firecrackers, it doesn't mean you can ship it, for it may be overloaded for the 40-foot container in weight.

Q: How much USD of fireworks can be shipped in a 20-foot container?
A: It's decided by the FOB terms and freight of the fireworks you ordered. Some of the fireworks are much more expensive than other. The FOB value of the middle cost and priced cargo of fireworks for 600 cartons is about US$11000.00. Furthermore, the shipment to your local area and the freight will also effect the cost of cargo. For the detailed freight of your local area and destination port, please contact Arts Pyrotechnics.

Q: What is your enterprise spirit and aim?
A: The spirit of our enterprise is United, Pragmatic and Creative. The aim is trying to provide you the best fireworks and service in China. We devote much attention to the development of new products. We keep a wide contact with the global fireworks dealers, media and institute sincerely and promptly. We are often perfecting ourselves. We pursue the policy that we provide more complete range of products, better quality and never products than others.

Q: What are your most competitive products?
A: We are competitive on the following Professional Fireworks:
1. Display Shells series, from 2 inches to 16 inches, we produce more than 1000 kinds of effects, different sizes are available, we're competitive on quality, price and package.
2. Varies kinds of assorted cakes, from 0.5 inch to 4 inches, from 7 shots to 1000 shots, we can supply different shape and effects of cakes.
3. Roman Candle series from 1.2 inches to 3 inches.
4. Outdoor Stage Fireworks, waterfall & Wheels.
B: We are competitive on the following Consumer Fireworks:
1. Fountains, parachutes, wheels, spinners on Ground, helicopters.
2. Smokeless, Cold Flame and Indoor Stage Fireworks series.
3. Rockets series, such as Moon Travelers, Assorted Rockets, Spherical Rockets, Flying Fish Rockets.
4. Toy Fireworks, such as Colorful sparklers, Morning Glories, Smoke Balls, Pistol Ring Cops.
5. Firecrackers, such as Lady Crackers, Match Crackers, Celebration Crackers and woodpeckers.

Q: What do the numbers mean in the " Measurement" column on the products catalog? For example: 8/24/12.
A: It shows how many pieces of individual items are there in a case.8/24/12 means 8X24X12=2304 pieces per case.

Q: What kind of price term do you offer?
A: We offer FOB terms, CIF terms, C&F terms, this is at buyer's option. Under FOB terms, we need the information of shipper and your confirmation of shipment. We can also help you book the container under the FOB terms. Under CIF & C&F terms, we need the information of your destination port for our shipment and delivery.

Q: Are you a member of AFSL?
A: Yes. You're ensured that all of our class c products be made in accordance with the American Fireworks Standard and be tested by AFSL before we export to the United States Of America.

Q: If there is any discrepancy in quality, quantity with the contract between us, what will you do?
A: You have the right to lodge a claim with us within 15 days after arrival of the contracted cargo. If the contracted cargo is contrary to your local government regulation, the report from the Commodity Inspection Bureau is also needed. After we have got the information, we will remit back the claimed money to your account within 7 working days.

Q: Can I apply for acting as the agent for your products in my local area?
A: Yes, you can. If you are interested in, please forward your detailed address and country. But you have to know acting as the agent of local area of China Arts, you will have to provide the after-sale service and promote the sales of Arts Pyrotechnics as the agency agreement between us stipulates. Welcome to contact us. Your application will be submitted to our internal department and the director board for evaluation and decision.

Q: If we intend to cooperate with you, which always do you adopt?
A: We may not only develop trade cooperation, but also develop joint venture or joint production. We stick to the principle of equality & mutual benefit, we believe, with joint efforts, we can & will make tomorrow a better day.

Q: We want to visit your factories, then how shall we apply for & handle it?
A: According to your intention, we'll send out an invitation to you. You may handle the visas in Chinese Embassy in your country with our invitation after arrival in China, you'll receive our warm welcome, enjoy our excellent service, visit our factories. In the daytime, you have chances to watch the technological process of every product; at right, we will set off fireworks for you, for example, setting off display shells, cakes, roman candles, rockets and the small items. We'll lead you to a splendid colorful world. We do hope you enjoy yourself from the combination of sound, light & color.
Warmly welcome friends from all over the world to establish business relations with us.

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